Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – How To Customize Your Display Name On PC

When you’re knocked out in Fall Guys, your name gets displayed for everyone to see. If you want to make sure your name is memorable, you can customize it with some very simple code. You can change the color of your name, change the size of the text, add some bold italics or even highlight — there’s a ton of stuff you can do, and if you’ve seen other players showing up with flashy names and you’re jealous, we’ve got all the code listed below.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 60-player Battle Royale that gets more chaotic with each round as your little guys bash against each other and race to the finish line. This isn’t just a normal race either — it’s more like an obstacle coarse that’s packed with traps and pitfalls. If you want to make it to the end consistently, you can check out our list of 7 tips right here.

Fall Guys is out now on PC and PS4 — Playstation Plus subscribers get free access in August.

How To Customize Your Display Name

Your display name is how you present yourself, so why not make it flashier? With code, you can change the color of your name, make it bold, give it italics, or even change the size.

This is only available on Steam and on PC — you’ll have to change your Steam Username and include the following code to change how your name looks.

NOTE: This method was shared by Steam User krowplex — unfortunately, in text, your name will appear with all the weird code text. In-game, your name will be the right color and style.

To customize your name, you need to input special code before your username on Steam. Here’s a quick example.

Example: <#F00><i><u>Fallguy


See how it works? Between each set of “<” “>” symbols, you’ll input a different code. <#F00> is the code for red. <i> is the code for italics, and <u> is the code for underline. You can do more with code, so here’s the full list of basic colors.

  • Red: <#F00>
  • Yellow: <#FF0>
  • Blue: <#00F>
    • Alt Blue: <#05F>
  • Green: <#0F0>
  • Orange: <#F90>
  • Purple: <#A0F>
  • Cyan: <#0FF>
  • Dark Purple: <#90F>
  • Pink: <#F0F>
  • Light-Pink: <#A57>

There are more simple text effects you can pull off by adding more “<” “>” codes. You can make your name stand-out in bold, italics, underlined, or highlighted. Here’s a quick list of commands.

  • Bold: <b>
  • Italics: <i>
  • Underline: <u>
  • Size: <size=###>
  • Highlight: <mark>

Some of these might take some experimentation. This will also customize your name for lots of other games, so this isn’t exclusive to Fall Guys. Give it a try and add some well-earned shine to your name.