Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – 7 Tips To Help You Reach The Final Round Every Time

Fall Guys is the latest big Battle Royale with an awesome twist — instead of killing each other, it’s all about completing mini-games and obstacle courses. If you can keep up with the pack, you’ll reach the Final Round and earn your chance at victory.

Fall Guys is totally free if you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber, and it is absolutely worth giving a try. The game prioritizes fun above all else, and even if you’re losing every round, it’s still a whole lot of fun just to trip over everyone.

But if you’re like us, you want to reach those final rounds more consistently. To do that, we’ve picked the brains of some Fall Guys experts, and have 7 tips that practically guarantee a Final Round run.

#1: Tripping is a big deal in this game. If you nudge into people, you’ll trip and slow down. To avoid tripping in crowded spots during a race, try jumping and lunging forward. The less time you’re in a crowd, the better your chances will be!

#2: Your best bet is to avoid people. Players that try to rush through races as quickly as possible are bound to stumble. Grabbing other players is a bad idea too — you’ll just slow yourself down!

#3: Beware shortcuts! Shortcuts seem like a great idea, but they’re pretty tricky to complete. Just avoid them unless you’re really far behind and need to gain time. If you’re doing well — don’t risk it!

#4: Some rounds involve weird little mini-games. For the Ring Mini-game, go to the back of the stage where there are two ramps. Lots of rings tend to spawn here, and you’ll be further away from the crowd, so you won’t have to fight other players for rings.

#5: When you’re stuck in a team game, sometimes it all comes down to luck. If your team is good, you’ll win — and there are ways you can help your team win by wrecking other teams. If you want to play the saboteur during the Egg Mini-game, just steal the egg from other teams. That’s just one of the ways you can mess with your enemies.

#6: In the Jinxed Mini-game, aim to get infected as quickly as possible, then start infecting everyone else. Run around and touch them to spread the infection! Get infected early and you’ll almost always win.

#7: For the Tail Chasing Mini-game, look for other players with tails in the group. Don’t go alone! Instead, try to stay closer to other Fall Guys with tails. If a non-tail guy chases you, they might go for your new tail-friend instead.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PS4. If you’re looking for some quick chaotic fun, we highly recommend giving this cute spin on the Battle Royale genre a try.