PlayStation Plus Turns 10 With Sony Offering Bonus Free Game

PlayStation Plus was introduced ten years ago this week and it’s proven to be quite the popular service. With this premium subscription, players would be granted to several benefits including multiplayer gameplay support. However, outside of the access for online multiplayer support, subscribers would also be given exclusive deals and content such as free video game titles each month. 

The subscription would give access to two free PlayStation 4 games which can be digitally downloaded and enjoyed just as long as you keep your subscription. As a result, the game library for some users has been piling up with great and diverse video game titles. Likewise, the games would be varied from AAA hits to smaller indie gems. While not every month was packed with eager players, this upcoming month will bring out three video game titles rather than the standard two.

This is in celebration for the ten year anniversary of PlayStation Plus. Sony will be delivering two standard video game titles for July which are NBA 2K20 and Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. However, outside of those two, there will be a bonus title available as well which is Erica. If you’re unfamiliar with Erica, this is a cinematic adventure-style video game.

Within Erica, players end up in a murder mystery and as you progress, Erica will start to unravel new truths and secrets behind her family history and her childhood. It’s an interactive story so while you can watch the narrative play out, there are multiple choices that will be presented to players that will branch the storyline. This game will offer some replay value as well since your choices could lead to a unique story ending.

This game is currently available for players to purchase if you don’t already own a PlayStation Plus subscription. Regardless, you can check out the trailer for Erica down below and get ready to dive into the game next month.

Source: PlayStation Blog