New Report Claims Rumored Harry Potter RPG Inbound For 2021

When it comes to the current state of most things, it’s usually surrounded by the health pandemic outbreak, which is known as the coronavirus. It’s a worldwide ordeal and while trials for a vaccine is still in the works, the surge of cases have left most to stay home in quarantine. We’re living a rather different daily life this year and it’s left some wondering what the future may hold for those anticipated media releases or entertainment events.

For 2020, most of those events are scrapped completely especially for the video game industry. Rather than having an E3 which is traditionally the largest expo for video game news and announcements, most planned press conferences have taken to the internet in order to deliver fans an online event. Some of those games that were likely planned for an announcement during E3 was either later unveiled during an online event or simply pushed back completely. For instance, we’ve been patiently waiting for the official announcement on a Harry Potter RPG.

This rumored Harry Potter RPG has been coming up online over the past couple of years with one instance being a leaked gameplay footage showcasing the title. Despite all these rumors and supposed leaks, the lack of a confirmation that this game exists has left many waiting on any event that may be deemed appropriate for the game’s reveal. Now a new report has come out from Bloomberg that has sources close to the subject indicating that not only is this game real but it’s slated for a release next year.

The sources apparently claim that the studio working on the project is Avalanche Software which has been working on the Disney Infinity series over the past few years. Now their main focus is this open-world Harry Potter RPG that takes place in a variety of locations such as Hogwarts. However, there are some issues that may prove to be an obstacle to the development team. Not only has the author behind Harry Potter been a controversial individual as of late, but there is also the coronavirus health pandemic and the rumors of Warner Bros. being up for sale in terms of video game publishing. Still, we very well could see this game released into the market at some point in 2021 which means an announcement for the game shouldn’t be too far away.

Supposedly leaked gameplay footage

Source: Bloomberg