Super Nintendo World Theme Park Delayed Indefinitely

There are a few franchises from the video game format that has worldwide recognition, however, Nintendo is likely the biggest. The company has been around for years and they have delivered some truly remarkable video game titles along with some iconic characters. It wasn’t too long ago that Nintendo had decided to really expand their IP with other mediums such as a theme park dedicated to the iconic characters and franchises. While construction was underway at its first location with a launch coming next month, it looks like the theme park has been delayed.

Super Nintendo World had been in construction or preparing for construction in a few locations such as Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal’s Epic Universe. However, the first to see a launch was in Universal Studios Japan. The theme park was to feature several IPs under Nintendo with rides featuring the likes of Yoshi and Mario Kart. Unfortunately, this health pandemic outbreak has turned things around for the anticipated release. 

While Universal Studios Japan opened its park on June 8, 2020, it was strictly limited to how many were able to attend and from there it was also strict on what regions were able to visit the park. According to a report, the park was ready to start the fun in July but has since decided against the park opening the section of the theme park for now due to the increasing COVID-19 cases and the potential for more infections that could come from the theme park opening up.

At any rate, it looks like things were on schedule and it could mean that there is only a delay in opening due to the virus spread. Most eyes are on Japan for this theme park right now as other locations will open at a later date. With that said, the rides will likely differ between locations, but it would give a slight insight into the look of the park.

Source: Engadget