Phil Spencer Doesn’t Hold Regrets Over Mixer Closure 

Streaming has become a massive market for both personalities and viewers. We’ve really seen this medium of entertainment blow up. It’s not too surprising as some really entertaining personalities have managed to create a community of followers. Whether you enjoy watching certain streamers playing video games or enjoy streaming yourself, there are a few different platforms to jump on in order to enjoy them. One of those streaming platforms, however, was recently killed off and that’s Mixer.

It wasn’t all that long ago that we saw these different streaming platforms pick up online and offer different streams a contract deal. Big-name streamers were jumping off Twitch for a variety of different locations such as Mixer. In fact, one of the biggest streamers around the world, Ninja, was signed to Mixer in order to stream content exclusively for the platform. Unfortunately, that contract was cut short as Microsoft announced the closure of Mixer.

The company revealed that the streaming platform would be closing and those that have contracts were bought out. Furthermore, these streamers were able to move to another platform of their choice.

Now speaking with, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed that he has no regrets over the recent decision to take down the platform. It’s clear that Microsoft is willing to take risks and attempt to make a community outside of their strictly Xbox branded umbrella. Still, while there was a push to get the community to really make Mixer sustainable, Microsoft opted to cut their losses and decided to remove the platform altogether. 

“I don’t have regrets. You make decisions with the best information you have at the time, you apply your best effort, and we’re in a creative industry. We are in a hits-driven industry. And if we get into this space that we get afraid of disappointment that we won’t achieve what we’re trying to achieve as an organization… I think it’s fundamental to us that we’re not afraid of trying things that might not work. And that is just the art of making video games, and frankly game platforms.”

With Mixer now out of the picture, it may prove that we could see Twitch really take the top spot for streamers. Of course, with that said there has been some movement over at YouTube with the likes of Ninja not returning to Twitch after Mixer’s cancellation announcement. Could we see others also jump to YouTube who were once a prominent streamer on Mixer?