New Record-Breaking Auction Price Set For Single Video Game

There is plenty of gamers out there in the world and we all got a start on some platform. While these current-generation video game titles are quick to get knocked down quite a bit after its release, you may find some of these games start to rise back in price. That’s not to say every game will get a price hike, but for collectors that start out on a hunt to reclaim some of those old games they enjoyed as a kid, the price tends to raise up a bit. 

Collector’s for video game titles, hardware and memorabilia can range. Some may be after certain games that they enjoyed as a child, or some seek after complete in box goods which is certainly harder to come by. Still, for those that have held on some games and let it sealed, there’s a chance you’ll come across a big payday. That’s what happened to one individual who had a rare copy of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros

This particular game is a classic and it was one of the titles to really make Nintendo stand out in the market. After releasing back in 1985, the game’s popularity has made it to where there are more than a few copies available today. In fact, adding a game into your collection that’s loose will only set you back about $20. However, for sealed copies of the game, you’re looking at a ton of money.

A recent auction had a sealed copy of the game that was used for only a short amount of time before the packaging was changed up. That sealed copy managed to sell for $114,000. This ultimately makes it the most expensive video game sold to date. It goes to show that there is a massive collecting market for Mario, especially the classic material released that’s still fully intact. 

Source: BBC