Valorant Will Soon Allow Teams To Surrender 

Riot Games for years had been known mainly for the work on the popular MOBA title, League of Legends. However, it wasn’t long ago that the studio expressed their interest in diving into other video game genres with the first being available to enjoy free right now on the PC platform. We’re of course referring to Valorant, an FPS that mixes high-precision gunplay with a roster featuring a variety of different heroes.

Valorant is often considered a mix between Overwatch and CSGO. On one hand, the game has a main focus around precise aiming and ranking up enough cash in-game to purchase new weapons or ammo. However, there is a roster of heroes that have abilities although the abilities take time to charge up so you can’t expect to run into a match and spam powers the entire time. It’s a highly competitive and team-focused game which means working with your team with different strategies in hopes of taking out the opposing team and completing objectives.

Of course, with that said there is some teams that get overwhelmed and are unable to make a big comeback. This could even lead to some players simply bouncing out of a game mid-match and leaving the rest of the team at a great disadvantage. As a result, it looks like a new feature that would allow a team to surrender which would allow the game to end.

This feature is said to come in patch 1.02. At any rate, this could be a more than welcomed feature for players that want to jump into a new game or forced into ending sooner than expected. In other news regarding Valorant, the FPS is currently being tested for a possible console release. Currently, there is no indication of if this game would see a launch on platforms, although the developers had expressed an interest in bringing the game out into the market if they can manage to make the gameplay just as fun as playing on a PC platform. 

Source: Valorant