Riot Games Working On Valorant Console Port

Riot Games has been known for League of Legends for years now. The immensely popular MOBA game since 2009 though after years of developing the game its apparent that the studio is interested in bringing out games for other genres. One of those is a tactical FPS called Valorant which has recently made its way out onto the PC platform. After a successful closed beta, players can enjoy this game fully right now on PC although console players may be waiting a little while for the game.

There is no official release or confirmation that Valorant is even going to release onto the console platforms. When this game was developed, it was only set to release on PC. With that said, Riot Games have expressed their interest in bringing the game out on consoles as well. Recently, GameSpot was able to get a comment from Anna Donlon, an executive producer for Valorant who expressed their currently prototyping a console port.

Prototyping doesn’t mean we will get a port for the game and Anna Donlon made it clear that the game would have to perform well and deliver fans the same experience on consoles as it does on the PC platform. There is also likely an urge to make sure that there is no competitive edge between certain platforms as well. 

“If we feel like we can deliver this experience on those platforms, we absolutely will. But we really want Valorant to stand for a certain type of gameplay and a certain type of experience.” 

Anna Donlon

Right now it seems that a potential game for consoles as well but we’re going to be waiting a good little while before it makes its way out into the market. Still, if you own a PC then you can enjoy this game right now. In fact, if you want our take on the game along with some gameplay footage, then check out our Before You Buy episode upload down below.

Source: GameSpot