EA Play Live 2020 Showcases Star Wars: Squadron Gameplay, Watch Here

Earlier this week EA announced a brand new Star Wars title for the Ps4, Xbox One, and PC. That title was of course Squadron, and its all about aircraft battles!

The announcement trailer on Monday was more to serve as an introduction into the upcoming title, today’s trailer is more centered around gameplay. Star Wars: Squadron is all about aircraft battles and if you were a fan of spaceship battles in Star Wars Battlefront 2, Squadron is going to be even more epic!

Check out the official gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons down below:

Fight alongside your squadron to tip the scales in monumental fleet battles and compete in intense 5 vs. 5 dogfights. Get into the cockpit and triumph as a team by completing tactical objectives across known and never-before-seen battlefields, including the gas giant of Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan.

Customize the loadouts of starfighters such as the X-wing and TIE fighter and divert power between their weapons, shields, and engines as you roar into the fray. Immerse yourself in strategic multiplayer space battles and a thrilling STAR WARS™ single-player story, seen from alternating perspectives between the New Republic and the Empire.

In related news, EA Play Live 2020 has brought us some great news, ranging from epic multiplayer shooters like Apex Legends, to small scaled story titles like Lost in Random. The biggest one of the event was no doubt the announcement of Skate 4. Gameranx has the news from EA Play Live 2020 covered, so if you missed out no worries, get the latest news from the event right here!

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to release on October 2, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Origin PC, Steam, Epic Games Store and Virtual Reality (VR) on PlayStation 4 and PC with cross-play support. Are you excited for the upcoming Squadron Star Wars title? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube