Sea of Thieves Steam Release Date Revealed

Sea of Thieves, a Microsoft exclusive video game title, first got its start on the Xbox One and through the official Microsoft PC marketplace. This swashbuckling adventure was quite the hit and it brought plenty of players onto the IP, but still, there are those that prefer to keep their digital video games on one launcher especially for the PC platform. As a result, Rare and Microsoft have decided to bring the Sea of Thieves video game on the Steam platform. 

Earlier this year, we got the word of Microsoft bringing over their exclusive title onto the Steam platform. This game could bring in plenty of newcomers that are up for an adventure with friends online. After all, this game works best with a crew of players that steps into the role of pirates, venturing into the ocean to discover treasure and adventure. Meanwhile, you’ll have other pirate crews about and mythical creatures to battle against which means keeping your eyes on the horizons for any dangers during your search for plunder. 

After first being released in 2018, Sea of Thieves has been supported with expansions and other in-game content for players to enjoy. This means that if you’re a newcomer and have yet to experience the game, there will be plenty of content to chew through. However, since it was announced for Steam, we’ve been waiting to hear just when we’ll have the ability to purchase the title. Now it’s official, according to the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account, we know that this game will be available for users on June 3, 2020.

In the meantime, if you would like to see some of the gameplay in action along with our overall impressions of the title then I suggest checking out our official Before You Buy episode upload featured down below.

Source: Twitter