Nintendo Will Now Start Opening Up Repair Services

The coronavirus has made a massive impact worldwide and things have changed drastically for our daily lives. There’s no social gathering, we’re wearing masks when venturing out into the public and ultimately keeping our distance from anyone that’s not immediate family. As a result of this virus, we’ve also seen plenty of changes happen to different services and businesses. Some have adjusted to appease the new rules and regulations, while others have shut their doors until it was safe to open back up again.

One of those companies that decided to close shop for a period of time was the various authorized Nintendo repair centers. These locations were established to allow consumers to send in faulty Nintendo devices that were under warranty. From there the trained technicians were able to go in and solve the problems users may have been dealing with. As mentioned, those centers were closed down due to the coronavirus.

That meant the units still in the shop were left alone while any packages that were sent were denied and returned. It was a good little while that consumers may have been without their Nintendo Switch, but that will soon change as Nintendo is starting to open centers once again. This may be a slow process so don’t expect a speedy recovery of your Nintendo Switch just yet.

In a new update on the official support page for Nintendo, it was stated that repair centers are gradually restarting services. With that said, the centers will open from a case by case standpoint and they will have to abide by the guidelines set up by the various states or provinces. Still, for those that were waiting to get their repairs done, it looks like you may have the ability to at least send in your unit, though there is bound to be some backup issues as Nintendo will need to repair the units already send in along with the units that are received afterward. 

Source: Nintendo