Valorant Will Officially Launch This June

Riot Games may be best known for their work on the immensely popular MOBA title, League of Legends, but they have since decided to expand into other game genres. Since 2009, the MOBA game was mainly the prime focus for Riot Games, but it wasn’t very long ago that the studio revealed that they had other game genres in-mind which one of them being a competitive FPS. We’ve since known that the FPS game Riot Games had been working on is Valorant.

The video game was a mixture of the fast-paced and high precision FPS from the likes of CSGO but with a hero roster similar to Overwatch. As a result, teams not only have to work together in order to secure wins but they will also need to be aware of the different heroes and their abilities. This game has since been available for closed beta access and its proven to be quite the popular title for players right now. One of the means to help get this game out there in the public was by delivering fans closed beta codes through Twitch streams.

Typically, players that were interested in playing Valorant would have to watch a live stream of someone playing this game. From there, the connected accounts would randomly gain access to the closed beta. While the game has been active with beta testers, it’s also been active with cheaters. We’ve seen a report that already thousands of players have been banned due to cheating which would hopefully translate to an even playing ground when the title exits closed beta.

Speaking of exiting closed beta, we have heard today that Valorant will be ending its closed beta on May 28, 2020. With that said, the game will be released fully for players to enjoy shortly after on June 2, 2020, for the PC platform.

Source: YouTube