Riot Has Banned Thousands Of Valorant Cheaters Already

Riot Games may have been best known for League of Legends but right now when the name is thrown around online it’s usually associated with the new hit title Valorant. The video game was one that had plenty of people talking right when it first came out into the public scene as this mixture of CSGO and Overwatch. Players couldn’t wait to get their hands on a copy so when the time came, there were plenty of fans hoping that they would secure a code allowing them access to the online closed beta event.

This closed beta also had a great means to fish for a key. Rather than submitting some form and waiting for an email announcing that you would have access to the closed beta, the keys were handed out through players watching Valorant streams on Twitch. Players simply had to connect their account with Twitch and watch a streamer play the game live where they would allow keys to be sent out at random. Now that more and more players have access to the game, it’s becoming apparent that already there are plenty of cheaters online. 

Being a game where matches are won by very technical gameplay that puts a focus on a team working together, dealing with cheaters can easily turn the game off. Now it looks like the anti-cheat software is working out rather well. In a recent tweet that was sent out by Phillip Koskinas, the person responsible for creating anti-cheat measures for Riot Games, has announced that Valorant just banned over 8,800 players worldwide. In the same tweet, the Riot Games developer doesn’t express any details on how many that is compared to the total player base. 

This is great news for players that are not cheating and simply want to play the game normally. More bans are likely coming as well when the software is able to successfully track down players caught cheating within matches. For now, it looks like Valorant is still going to stick within closed beta so you’ll need to keep watching streams in hopes of securing a copy to enjoy.

Source: Twitter