PlatinumGames Shoots Down Microsoft Acquisition Rumors

PlatinumGames has been around since 2007 and they have developed several iconic games over the years. These developers are responsible for the likes of Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and Astral Chain, just to name a few. Still, there is plenty of interest in what the studio is doing next and for a good little while now, there were rumors that PlatinumGames next move would be moving under the Microsoft umbrella. Those rumors are now confirmed to be false as the studio head, Atsushi Inaba, has spoken to VGC.

When it comes to Japan and Xbox, the brand just can’t get a strong footing. There’s been a struggle to move units in the region and as a result, we could see Microsoft start to look into purchasing development studios from Japan. This could be a means to deliver content that would not only appeal to western audiences but also a means to give gamers in Japan titles that they would likely gravitate towards. Not only would it be appealing by the types of video games crafted up, but it would be coming from a familiar development studio.

Of course, Microsoft has yet to really start purchasing any studios, but one name has been dropped online a few times which was PlatinumGames. It’s an interesting choice as the company was working with Microsoft on an Xbox One exclusive a few years ago. That title was Scalebound but for whatever reason, the two companies couldn’t get the IP to work and it was ultimately cancelled. Despite this, there were rumors suggesting that Microsoft was in talks with PlatinumGames to acquire the company.

In a recent interview with VGC, PlatinumGames head Atsushi Inaba confirms that this is not the case. Apparently, there have been no talks with the company on the matter though Atsushi admits that he has no way of knowing what is said behind closed doors between Microsoft staff. Still he has never heard from Microsoft in regards to purchasing the development studio and even if they were wanting to make an offer, it’s not something the studio is particularly interested in.

Instead, PlatinumGames is on their way to self-publishing in order to have more control of their created IPs. It’s something that the studio is knowing with the upcoming Project GG title as well. By going with Microsoft, it would be completely changing the studio’s mindset right now. For now, it looks like PlatinumGames is remaining independent.

Source: VGC