Phil Spencer Confirms Scalebound Is Not In The Works

When it comes to Microsoft and its lines of exclusive titles, it’s a bit bare. We see more title exclusives make it out into the market from Sony but that could always change. In fact, one of the exclusives that fans were getting eager to play on the Xbox One was the PlatinumGames developed title, Scalebound. While there was plenty of hype building up for this upcoming IP on the Xbox One, fans were disappointed to learn that the game title was ultimately cancelled.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios was publishing the title and had showcased some of the gameplay and trailers for Scalebound which sparked some interest. This was an action RPG that follows a young man who was accompanied by a dragon. There weren’t too many details released for the game but with so many fans behind PlatinumGames prior work and the footage unveiled, it was enough to get players on board with this IP.

After being announced during E3 2014, a few years went by with fans wondering just when this game would finally make its way out into the market. Unfortunately for fans that were hoping to enjoy this game, it was early January of 2017 that Microsoft announced that the game had been cancelled. Despite this cancellation, PlatinumGames had expressed an interest in going back to develop the title but the IP was fully owned by Microsoft. Since then the internet was starting to believe that perhaps development was starting back up for the title to make an appearance once again but for the Xbox Series X.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, was recently interviewed by IGN who commented on Scalebound stating that it wasn’t a high point in his career when he had to cancel the title. With that said, there is no development for the game at the moment. While the internet started to bring up theories that the project was back to being in production, it looks like this game is still dead and chances are we won’t see it make a return.

Source: IGN