Phil Spencer Feels Confident In XSX After PS5 Reveal

Microsoft Phil Spencer

When it comes to the next-generation video game console platforms that are launching later this year, we got a breakdown of the components and hardware running on both systems. Recently, IGN got a chance to speak with Xbox head Phil Spencer and talked about where the Xbox Series X ranks with the PlayStation 5 hardware now unveiled. If you haven’t seen both console platforms breakdowns, it looks like the Xbox Series X is a bit more powerful than the PlayStation 5.

During the conversation, Phil Spencer says that the team was feeling good with the choices and decisions that they made during the production of the Xbox Series X after the PlayStation 5 was unveiled. There is a lot of work that goes into the decisions made for each console platform and while the Xbox Series X has an edge on the competition in terms of power, there are still several factors that may ultimately determine just which console platform will come out on top initially. 

For instance, there is pricing which neither Sony or Microsoft has commented on at the moment. During IGN’s interview, Phil Spencer did state that they have a price point in mind that they feel good about but they will continue to be agile with what the competition is doing for their system release. While price points and hardware are both a key factor in the success of a console when released into the market, another area that fans may feel is just as important is the exclusives that the systems will bring alongside the console.

Traditionally, Sony has had a great time with bringing out successful exclusive video game titles into the market compared to Microsoft but that very well could change in the coming console platform launches. Really, only time will tell which platform is going to take the top place when the systems release this holiday season.

Source: IGN