Sea Of Thieves Will Be Releasing On Steam

Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft exclusive and it was locked away for only Xbox One users or those who purchased the game through Microsoft’s digital store. Now it looks like Microsoft is willing to open up the gates and allow more players to enjoy this pirate-themed adventure by bringing Sea of Thieves to the Steam marketplace. This game will also support cross-platform gameplay which means if you have some friends enjoying this game outside of Steam, you’ll still be able to connect and enjoy the title online together. 

First released in 2018, Sea of Thieves is still going strong today. The video game is a multiplayer action-adventure title that puts players into the role of a pirate. From there they can join or create a crew, venture out into the open seas, fight off all assortment of creatures, discover loot, and battle other enemy pirates that may stumble upon your horizons. This game is also well supported with the development team Rare offering new expansions and updates. 

With this game a few years old already, newcomers to the IP will receive plenty of content to chew through. So far, we know that the game is coming to Steam, but what has yet to be unveiled is just when this game will release on Steam. We only have a Steam store page available with a release date left blank. We imagine it won’t be too much longer before the game is available for purchase, but right now, we’re simply left waiting on Microsoft and Rare to get things ready on the new digital storefront. 

In the meantime, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Sea of Thieves, or simply don’t know if this game is worth the purchase, then we suggest looking at our Before You Buy episode upload, which offers our personal thoughts on the game along with some gameplay footage.

Source: Steam