Resident Evil Resistance Road Map Released, Reveals New Content in the Work Until July

Resident Evil Resistance has been out for less than a week and Capcom is already releasing new information about the game’s future content schedule.

Check out the content road map down below:

In a new tweet from the official Capcom Twitter, it was revealed that there is new content in the works for the newly released Resident Evil Resistance. The roadmap begins with the addition of Resident Evil 3’s Jill Valentine on Apr. 17. According to this roadmap, every month until July there will be new content added to the game.

It seems as though a new survivor will be added in the month of May, however, we will have to wait to get confirmation. Perhaps it will be another character from a past Resident Evil title? Of course, this is all speculation, so be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

Resident Evil Resistance is an asymmetrical multiplayer title where four players square off against one monster. The game will launch alongside Resident Evil 3 this Friday and just in time, Sony released tips for surviving this nightmare on the PS Blog. To read more about it, you can do so right here.

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Source: Twitter