DualSense Will Feature An Audio Port For Headphones & Headsets

If you’re familiar with smartphones then you know that more and more manufacturers are dropping the headphone jack. Bluetooth headphones and hands-free headsets are becoming popular and while most of us have some type of a Bluetooth device whether it be a speaker or a headset then you may have already gone into the DualSense reveal expecting that you’d be using a wireless headset. However, that’s not going to be the case after a PlayStation team member was able to confirm that there is a headphone jack still intact on this upcoming generation controllers.

Yesterday, if you didn’t already catch the news, Sony unveiled its PlayStation 5 controller. Rather than call it the DualShock 5, the new controller is dubbed the DualSense. This new controller will have a few features that will set it apart from the previous controller iteration. For instance, players will find that there is a haptic feedback triggers which should replicate a different feel when being pushed down depending on the gameplay moment. Likewise, there is a variation of vibrations to also give players a different feel depending on the gameplay terrain or in-game moment.

With all that said, there was some concern as there wasn’t any talk regarding a headphone jack or audio port to connect headsets already owned. One user on Twitter asked PlayStation Product Manager, Toshimasa Aoki if the DualSense would have an audio jack to plug in headsets much like the current-generation DualShock 4. According to Toshimasa Aoki, the controller will still have an audio jack which will still allow players to communicate with friends or other players online. Likewise, this will give players the ability to hear gameplay if you need to keep the gameplay sessions a bit quieter. 

Source: Twitter