Rockstar Games Will Be Donating 5% From In-Game Revenue Towards Coronavirus Aid

The coronavirus is a massive deal all around the world. This virus really swept the world quickly and with so many people infected, there’s a real scare on just how long this virus will last. Now we’re seeing more companies step up and provide help such as factories making ventilators or in the case of Rockstar Games, providing revenue towards the COVID-19 relief. 

Rockstar Games is a household name for gamers and they have two big titles that are actively enjoyed online. We’re referring to Grand Theft Auto Online along with Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. As expected, these online multiplayer games do offer some incentive in spending real-world money to get some in-game goods. Now with COVID-19 being such a big issue around the world, Rockstar Games is looking to provide some relief by offering 5% of all in-game purchases from the two titles. 

This news came from the official Rockstar Games Twitter account where the game development studio had stated the 5% relief from in-game purchases will be sent towards COVID-19 relief until the end of May. There’s no telling just how long this coronavirus spread will last and as we watch numbers rise each day from those infected, it’s nice to see so many companies put an effort in not only helping provide resources, but monitory aid to healthcare workers, businesses, and families that are stuck in quarantine. 

We’re hoping that this coronavirus will not last much longer, but it’s clear that this virus has pretty much stopped the world. In the meantime, we’re seeing some other issues pop up from the coronavirus spread such as Sonic The Hedgehog releasing to digital media after only spending a few weeks in theaters to Final Fantasy 7 remake releasing a week early in select markets. 

Source: Twitter