Final Fantasy 7 Remake Now Available In Select Markets

One of the most anticipated video game titles for this year just got an early release. We’re referring to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7, the remake to not only a classic installment to the Final Fantasy franchise but an iconic RPG altogether. Now that fans are waiting for the game and enduring the coronavirus, it looks like select markets will be receiving the game earlier than intended. 

As you are all aware, the coronavirus is a big health pandemic right now. With the COVID-19 being not only a center of attention for everyone worldwide, but it’s causing several issues with industries. It wasn’t long ago that we were hearing the news regarding select video game titles that were going to be taking a hit on reaching certain markets around the world. This was all due to shipping issues and the coronavirus spread. That won’t be a problem for Final Fantasy 7 because the game is already available in the markets that were deemed problematic for getting units out to retailers. 

Square Enix made a statement that alerted fans of their upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake title would be reaching Australia and Europe earlier than intended. Now it looks like retailers have copies available right now for players to pick up. While gamers were originally slated to wait until April 10, 2020, some fans are getting access to the first installment release of Final Fantasy 7 remake. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like every market will get the same treatment and that means spoilers could easily become visible online. This is especially rough for some as we’re still having to wait over a week to get our hands on a copy. Furthermore, with so many people quarantined at home, it could be tempting to browse the internet and accidentally stumble upon a spoiler of the game.

Source: IGN