Over 50,000 Accounts Were Banned On Call of Duty: Warzone

Cheating in single-player video game titles may provide some fun and entertainment, especially if you already went through a campaign or feel like having a bit more freedom in the gameplay. However, cheating in multiplayer games is never tolerated online. This ultimately results in accounts getting banned from accessing the video game online in order to allow an even playing ground. Now it looks like Activision is taking some action on Call of Duty: Warzone.

Battle royale games, in particular, makes it extremely difficult to enjoy when you have a cheater. Whether its aimbots, wallhacks or simply invincibility, one cheater in a match makes the game no longer fun to enjoy. Cheating can get so bad that is will actually drive players away from the game and in order to combat this, monitors are put in place along with a means to report players if they are caught cheating. Now we’re getting word that over 50,000 accounts have already been banned worldwide from the game.

Activision has taken to their blog and alerted followers of the bans that have been placed so far and that they are working to identify more cheaters going forward. Likewise, they made note of how there is no easy fix. Finding cheaters is a 24/7 job and its one that they are hoping to improve going forward such as offering an in-game system to report potential cheaters. This, as mentioned earlier, is rather common in other online video game titles where cheaters are reported and then it gets reviewed to see if the report was legitimate or not. 

With all that said, Call of Duty: Warzone is still a new game and it could bring in plenty of more cheaters into matches. But, because this is also a new game we’re seeing a ton of activity so there could be a case in which you’ll go through several matches before ever coming across a cheater. 

Source: Activision