Bethesda Announces They Will Transition to Remote Work Due to Growing Coronavirus Concerns

Due to growing concerns of coronavirus, Bethesda has issued a new statement on Twitter about how the company is dealing with it.

According to the new statement, Bethesda is transitioning to remote work. Social distancing is the best way to keep the virus contained and not spread to others, and it seems that game studios will be able to manage nicely, as most will be able to telecommute.

However, for those who can’t, work remote Bethesda is doing good by them still paying them until they find out a way to set up a home office. This is a nice touch, as we don’t see every company paying workers who can’t make it into work.

Check out the official statement from Bethesda on COVID- 19 down below:

In related news, Netflix’s critically acclaimed series, The Witcher, has been delayed due to growing coronavirus concerns in the Britain region.

The second season of the series was set to start filming, however, the coronavirus has made it difficult for workers, crew, and the actors to do their job in peace. It seems that Netflix has decided to halt the upcoming series for a little while. This is not the first delay caused by the coronavirus, we’ve seen the virus cancel E3 2020, completely halt GDC 2020, and delay a couple of other movies, tv shows, and games in production. Learn more about the Witcher S2 delay right here!

Bethesda has a new game releasing this week — Doom Eternal, so it obviously won’t affect immediate titles. However, games that are currently in development, might see some hindrance.

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Source: Twitter