Rumor: New PlayStation Event Coming This Month

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Sony has one big event confirmed outside of the Tokyo Game Show this month. It was recently unveiled that Naughty Dog will be showing off something related to The Last of Us Part II which media outlets has started to receive invitations for. However, for gamers who are wanting to see the game publicly rather behind closed doors such as the GameStop conference, things have been rather silent. Rumors are starting to circulate online that perhaps Sony does have something planned this month which could mean a new State of Play.

For those of you who are not aware, Sony has been trying out new means to deliver gamers with updates and announcements. As a result, the company decided not to attend E3 2019 where they usually hold a press conference in order to unveil new video games along with announcements for their anticipated releases. Instead, we’ve been seeing new uploads called State of Play, which is similar to Nintendo Direct presentations that are held randomly throughout the year.

With these State of Play uploads, Sony is able to deliver smaller bite-size presentations with updates that you would have seen in a much longer format at E3. User ZhugeEX has shared news on the Resetera forums that the week of September 24, 2019, there will be another event held by Sony outside of The Last of Us Part II showcase. What the event is along with the video games expected to appear remains a mystery at the moment. Because this is a rumor, it’s worth not putting too much weight into this, but we’re of course keeping our eye out for any official updates on the matter.

May 2019 State of Play

Source: Push Square, Resetera