The Last of Us Part II Footage Revealed During Private GameStop Conference

Those that were able to attend the GameStop Manager Conference at Nashville got a chance to view brand new footage for the highly anticipated upcoming video game, The Last of Us Part II. Being developed by Naughty Dog, fans all over the world are eager to dive back into the story and world of The Last of Us but information regarding the game has been scarce. With Sony not being present at E3 2019, it became a guessing game as to when we may see new footage or announcements regarding the upcoming title, but we have since learned that attendees at the GameStop Manager Conference got a look at a new cut of the game.

Apparently, Sony was prepared to showcase new footage and took the opportunity to present it at the GameStop Manager Conference in Nashville. We, of course, don’t know what was shown or have any reports yet but according to those that attended, the footage was brand new and we may see it in the public eye soon. This is speculation from those that attended the conference, but now we’re left wondering when Sony is preparing to unveil the footage and if this means we’ll get any new details regarding what to expect from the game narrative.

Another key aspect to the presentation was Troy Baker, the actor who portrays Joel in the first installment of The Last of Us and its upcoming sequel. Again, nothing has been stated yet in regards to the event. The next chance we’ll likely see the game is through a Sony State of Play stream, but we don’t know quite yet on when the next event will take place. For now, gamers can likely expect the game to release next year, 2020, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle