The Last of Us Part II Has A Media Event Scheduled 

When it comes to Sony PlayStation 4 exclusives, we still have quite a few to enjoy all while we inch closer and closer to the announcement of a PlayStation 5. One of the more anticipated video game exclusives still coming out into the market for the PlayStation 4 is The Last of Us Part II. The sequel to The Last of Us was a highly missed video game title from E3 2019 as Sony opted to not attend the expo this time around and as a result, it has been guessing game as to when Naughty Dog would grace us with any new details or footage.

Well, it looks like we have the date for when Naughty Dog will be taking the center stage in order to unveil additional information on The Last of Us Part II. Media outlets are starting to receive invitations to attend an event held in Los Angeles, California where Naughty Dog will have something to showcase for The Last of Us Part II. As you likely have already guessed, details of what exactly will be at the event are unknown.

There’s of course speculation that this will be detailed in regards to a release date, but new footage, information and possibly even prepping for the first wave of pre-orders. Again, that’s purely speculation right now, but one thing is for sure, something big will be going down on September 24, 2019, and you can bee sure that we’ll have the latest as it develops right here on Gameranx. This also may feature a more expanded footage reel shown during last month’s GameStop conference which is the last we’ve seen from the game emerge from the studio.

Source: Twitter