Netflix Will Hold Panel During E3 For Game Announcements

When it comes to digital streaming services for films, Netflix is on top of the food chain. It’s been around for years and continues to grow with new exciting exclusive content along with beloved past show and film favorites. However, lately, it seems that there is a bigger push to get more interactive and dabble into the video game market. We’ve seen certain shows pop up which allows the viewer to make choices in the film which directs the narrative adventure. However, we’ve also seen leaks that Telltale Games was once working on a Stranger Things video game adaptation. That adaptation continues to live on as Netflix will continue to produce the game. At any rate, it looks like there may be more video game adaptations coming out from Netflix in the near future.

E3 is a massive event held annually which showcases new video game announcements to hardware console reveals. This past year we got a new event alongside E3 known as Coliseum which holds public panels. More or less, this is similar to Comic-Con panels where developers and companies can hold an event and showcase some content for the public or even take questions from the audience. A new panel for this year was announced and that’s with Netflix. Apparently, the company will be holding a panel to discuss their venture into the video game market.

Now as mentioned previously, there are the digital choice based films which can be considered a video game. However, with the Stranger Things title being produced, it could prove that more of these adaptations have been going on in secret. In fact, it’s likely the narrative is the central focus point for the upcoming games that it would be interesting to see if the titles will take the form of something like how Telltale Games handled video game adaptations.

At any rate, we won’t know until the panel which we will, of course, keep you updated on the very latest right here on Gameranx. In other news regarding Netflix, The Witcher film adaptation has been reported to be wrapping up its filming.


Source: Twitter