The Walking Dead Onslaught VR Game Announced

When it comes to The Walking Dead, the franchise is massive and worldwide known. We got the original comic book which is still printing today with new issues by famed author Robert Kirkman. Then we have a slew of shows from The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, a brand new unnamed series along with a few AMC films inbound. However, one aspect that the franchise is also not shy about dabbling in would be video games. With that said, there are not that many titles that tend to actually do well in terms of sales.

Despite not having the greatest success in the video game market, a new title has been announced from Survios. Known as The Walking Dead Onslaught, fans of the franchise can get ready for a brand new VR adventure story. What we know so far is that the VR experience will have a motion combat melee along with ranged combat. Furthermore, it appears that we will be stepping into the role of our favorite survivors from The Walking Dead series as you fight your way through zombies and strategically make your attacks count against the undead horde. As mentioned, this will be a new story campaign but it’s uncertain just how this ties up with the series right now.

At any rate, The Walking Dead Onslaught is set to release in the fall of this year but it does not have any platforms listed out quite yet. While available on the Steam marketplace, we don’t know what VR headsets will be available to play this game but we do expect more details to come out soon.


Source: UploadVR