Rumors Suggest The Witcher Netflix Production Is Wrapping Up

The Witcher is a worldwide phenomenon that started out as a novel series which was then adapted into a popular video game franchise from development studio CD Projekt Red. This series doesn’t have too much information yet and that’s to be expected as they are still filming the production. However, we may soon get some new details and a trailer for the series soon as the actual film production is dwindling down. This is purely a rumor at the moment but apparently, there are plenty of cast members who are leaving Budapest, which is the location in which The Witcher was being filmed.

Noted by a blog known as Redanian Intelligence, who has been following the production of The Witcher, most of the key cast and staff have left the film locations. This is likely the end of their filming at Budapest and the production can move on to editing and adding in digital content. That doesn’t mean that there no longer filming anything for the series but we’re at least seeing the cast and staff move forward to the next main phase. It’s worth noting that nothing official has been noted in regards to their current progress.

In the meantime, you can look at the blog post to see all of the various farewells the staff has made on social media when it comes to leaving Budapest. Now we’re just waiting to hear from Netflix about the series and what we can expect from it since the filming has for the most part likely ended.

Source: PC Gamer, Redanian Intelligence