Tetris Effect Launch Trailer Released; 5 Beginner Tips Detailed, Game Available Now


The PlayStation Blog released a new launch trailer for the highly anticipated re-invented entry in the Tetris franchise — Tetris Effect.

The new trailer gives players a good look at the game and showcases exactly what the payer would be getting themselves into. The game is now available to purchase on the PS4/ PSVR. In addition to the new launch trailer, the Blog also detailed five beginner tips for their players.

Check out the new launch trailer and the five detailed beginner tips down below:

Line ’em Up

There are lots of ways to play Tetris. Generally speaking, though, you’re pretty much always going to be trying to get a big ol’ stack built up while leaving a single column open for the infamous long (or line, or “I”) block. Use that long block to clear four lines at once and earn a Tetris, usually accompanied by a hefty score bump. Bonus points (no, really, you get bonus points for this) if you can score back-to-back Tetrises by using your held pieces wisely (or stumbling upon the rare double line block drop).

Know What’s Next

Sure, it’s tempting to keep your eyes on the ghost piece at the bottom of your playfield, but as you start getting better at Tetris and pieces start dropping more quickly, pasting your peepers to that one spot can cost you precious milliseconds of reaction time. Knowing what piece is coming up next (look at the top-right corner of the playfield in Tetris Effect) can mean the difference between a Decahexatris and a demoralizing defeat.

Zone Out

This tip is specific to Tetris Effect, as it pertains to the new “Zone” mechanic Enhance has introduced. On its surface, going into Zone mode is a great way to recover from a tough situation (since, ya know, it stops time and all), but it also affords more advanced players with new strategic options. When you enter the Zone, lines you clear no longer count toward your progress toward the next level. Used efficiently, this mechanic can help you stretch levels out far longer than they would usually last, ultimately resulting in far more points tacked onto your final score. Not to mention the significant bonuses you get for clearing more than 8 (Octoris), 12 (Dodecatris), or 16 (Decahexatris) lines at once during a single Zone activation. Do not ignore this mechanic!

Tackle Those T-Spins

This one’s a bit more of an advanced tactic, but it’s worth ingraining into your playstyle early on. I grew up playing Tetris before T-spins were really a thing (or at least before games started handing out generous score bonuses for them) so I’m still struggling with this myself, but it’s important! A T-spin is when you spin a T-block into an open T-shaped space that is obstructed by other pieces. There are lots of tutorials out there that can do a much better job than I can explaining the how here, but I’d encourage you to start small learning how to pull off some T-spin double line clears, then once you’re starting to feel comfy with those move on to trying to set up some triples.

Don’t Despair!

This is the most important piece of advice I can impart on any aspiring Tetris Grandmaster. No matter your skill level, you’re going to end up in tough situations. If you find yourself creeping further and further toward the top of the matrix (that’s the official name of the playfield in Tetris), try not to let your increasing heart rate and sweaty hands distract you from the task at hand: clearing those blocks. It’s almost always possible to recover from even the most desperate situations in Tetris, and remaining calm will increase those odds.

Tetris Effect is now available on PS4 and PSVR. Are you exciting for the new Tetris game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube