Battlefield V Launch Trailer is Filled With Tense Actions, Amazing Gunplay, and Much More

EA and DICE’s upcoming WW2 multiplayer title, battlefield V has received its official launch trailer and it is filled with some awesome moments, amazing looking gunplay, and much more.

Battlefield V is the latest entry in the Battlefield franchise, it was scheduled to release in October, however, EA and DICE wanted to hold off from releasing it due to a couple of issues. EA Access members can play the game right now, with a 10-hour gameplay trial giving them access to the full game.

Check out the new launch trailer down below:

In recent Battlefield V news, DICE’s Multiplayer Producer David Sirland had already hinted towards a giant day one update, with patch notes written across 139 pages. The patch notes provide a very detailed description of each weapon, updates and balance changes made, tweaks vehicle characteristics and specializations, what the studio changed from the open beta, the development process so far and so much more. Here are the update’s highlights.

Battlefield V is set to release on November 20th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you excited for the latest entry in the long-running multiplayer franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube