Titanfall 2: 5 Reasons Why Tone is the Best Multiplayer Titan


All the Titans have their own special uses and functionality when you’re online in Titanfall 2, but it’s my opinion that Tone might just be the best. We’ve heard plenty about why Legion is OP, or that Northstar encourages the worst camping tendencies in bloodthirsty Pilots — but Tone might just be the best Titan overall. That’s a big statement, and one we’re looking to prove it with 5 specific reasons why Tone is the best multiplayer Titan.

That doesn’t mean the other Titans aren’t great, and if you’re good with a specific Titan like Ronin you’re just as likely to dominate on a map. This isn’t about explaining why your favorite Titan sucks — just the opposite, we want to explain why Tone is great — maybe only a tiny bit greater than the rest of the Titan roster.

Here are 5 strategies, tips, and facts that’ll (hopefully) reveal why Tone is the best, and why you might want to take him during your next Titanfall 2┬ásession.

5 Reasons Why Tone is the Best Multiplayer Titan

Tone is a strong contender for best Titan, and we’ve put together five reasons why. This list isn’t in any particular order, but the first reason is arguably all Tone needs to stand tall over its competition — the Tracker Rockets.

#1: Tracker Rockets Give Tone an Edge in 1 vs 1


The Tracker Rockets are unstoppable in 1 vs 1 combat, and here’s why — you can unleash up to 4 Tracker Rocket salvos per 40MM cannon magazine. That’s insane, and the rockets hit fast. If you can land your shots, the Tracker Rocket ability can’t be beat.

  • Here’s how Tracker Rockets Work: The Tone can earn a ‘full-lock’ on an enemy Titan by landing shots with the Tracker 40MM. Each successful shot fills the lock-on meter by 1 — get 3 and you’ll get a full-lock. With the full-lock, you can now fire the Tracker Rockets. This resets your lock-on, but the Tracker Rockets recharge the instant you get another full-lock. Tracker Rockets cannot be fired without a full-lock.

The Tracker Rockets, if you’re getting plenty of full-locks during Titan exchanges, are devastating. With 12 shots in your 40MM primary weapon, you can unleash up to 4 Tracker Rocket bursts in quick succession. If you use the Sonar Lock ability, that gives an instant +1 Lock-On, and one of the starting Perks gives you +1 Lock-On.

Basically, to use the Tone effectively, you’re going to want to be accurate, get Lock-Ons, and burn through Tracker Rocket salvos. Only the Legion can stand up to multiple rocket exchanges, and its shield make it a real threat. We’ll talk about how to deal with Legion later. For now, let’s switch gears and discuss why Tone is good against Pilots.

#2: The Tracker 40MM Shreds Pilots


Tone’s primary weapon is the Tracker 40mm, a slow-firing cannon with explosive shells and very fast shot-travel time. Why is it so good? It can kill Pilots in one hit.

It functions like a bullet-shooting gun, and the shots hit very quickly with only a short travel time you’ll need to compensate for. That makes it immediately useful against fast-moving pilots, but there’s another added bonus; the splash damage. Even if you miss and hit the ground / wall near a Pilot, they will take damage.

If you can’t hit a fast Pilot, you can still easily pick them off with 3-4 explosive shells. There are better Titans for dealing with Pilots, but the Tracker 40MM can absolutely shred. There’s one more weapon the Tone features that helps when dealing with Pilots — the Sonar Lock.

#3: Use Sonar Lock To Track Sneaky Pilots


The Sonar Lock isn’t exactly the most useful tactical ability in Titanfall 2. In many ways, its actually pretty weak — all it does is show enemy locations. It also adds +1 lock-on to any nearby enemy Titans, but that isn’t incredibly useful if you’re already rocking perks.

Instead of using Sonar Lock to increase your lock-on, use it like a team support tool and help spot enemy Pilots. Quick Pilots armed with Anti-Titan weapons can be a real annoyance when they disappear inside buildings or interiors — the Sonar Lock takes away their stealth advantage. Friendly Pilots will be able to spot enemies, and you’ll know exactly where Pilots will attempt their next attack, making it even easier to pick them off through windows or doors with the Tracker 40MM.

That’s just one reason why Tone can help the team. The Particle Wall is another benefit that can help multiple Titans in a fight.

#4: Particle Walls Protect You and Your Teammates


The Particle Wall is a powerful, stationary shield that blocks incoming projectiles but allows you to continue firing through. If you know the angle an enemy Titan uses to attack, this shield wall is invaluable, and will help protect you when trading with another Titan 1 vs 1.

Other friendly Titans can also take advantage and hide behind the glowing shield, giving it just a bit more functionality. One trick you can always take advantage of is this — enemy Titans, when confronted with the Particle Wall, will often charge directly through it. The Ronin is very guilty of this. When you see an incoming charge, just back off, land more shots, and unleash Tracker Rockets to ruin their day. They’ll often use up their two dash-charges as well.

The biggest threat to Tone is Legion — he comes packing a heavy minigun and a personal shield. His shield is small, so you’ll have to side-step the shield, or use the last tool in your arsenal — the Salvo Core.

#5: Kill Literally Anything With the Salvo Core


The Salvo Core destroys everything, even Legion. While firing a sustained salvo of rockets, your Titan is still pretty mobile and doesn’t fly into the air like the Flight Core. You can drop a Particle Wall and unleash hell on anything that’s giving you problems.

The Salvo Core is best saved for tough Titan confrontations — multiple Titans or against Legion with his shield raised. The Salvo Core can be fired at any point, but it will track if you’ve acquired a full-lock. Unless you’re in an emergency scenario, it is always good to get that full-lock before firing the Salvo Core. You’ll miss less shots, and the Salvo Core rockets will completely change direction to track their target, so all those dash-escapes are meaningless, they’ll still get turned into scrap.

That’s our five reasons why Tone is the best multiplayer Titan, but we want to hear from you. Do you have your own favorite Titan? Have your own 5 reasons why every Titan is better than Tone? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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