Titanfall 2 Doesn’t Run in Native 4K; PS4 Pro Support Is On-Disc, No Need for Update


Titanfall 2 has released, and it’s receiving overall positive scores from various outlets.

Producer Drew McCoy replied to a fan on Twitter asking about the game’s PS4 Pro support, and he replied that the development team already included the update on-disc. McCoy was also featured recently in an interview with Stevivor, in which he revealed that Titanfall 2 doesn’t run in native 4K, and that he would be “surprised if anyone saw native 4K with AAA level games any time soon.”

[Titanfall 2’s] not native 4K and I would be surprised if anyone saw native 4K with AAA level games any time soon. It just takes so much processing power. It’s unbelievable amounts of just GPU grunt to do that.

He continued to mention the improvements that comes with playing the game on a PS4 Pro console.

Because we also made the PC version, we have some nobs we can tweak, so we just spent some time making sure it still runs well and looks good on PS4 Pro. You know, making sure it doesn’t look any worse at all. That’s the requirement: it can’t run any worse or look worse than on PS4. So it runs better, looks better, and has no bugs on PS4 Pro.

Are you enjoying Titanfall 2 so far?