Outriders: How To Make The Devastator OP | Build Guide

The Devastator is widely considered the worst class in Outriders — and that’s for a pretty fair reason. The Devastator seems easily outclassed by Pyromancers, Technomancers, and Tricksters because those classes each have easy-to-use bullet power builds. The Devastator doesn’t seem to have nearly the same damage potential at first glance.

But, if you’re using the right build, it is very possible to make Devastators completely OP. You’ll be able to solo every Expedition with the right combo of skills and legendary gear. Here, we’re going to break down some builds that greatly improve the damage and survivability of Outriders’ tank class.

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Seismic Shifter Build

  • Skills: Gravity Leap, Earthquake, Golem

For this build, you’ll want to go down the Seismic Shifter skill tree. You want to pick skills that give buffs to damage on Bleeding Targets, improving damage when in close-range, giving +AP through Golem, and hitting enemies with a Despair debuff when using Gravity Leap.

For best results, you’ll need the Roaring Umbra Legendary and the Seismic Commander’s Set bonus. That requires a lot of leveling, but using the skill combo above, you can stay alive and score huge buffs. You just need to keep shooting enemies — blind-fire works well here — and unleashing your powers.

Keeping the bleed effect going is imperative — you’re practically invincible and you’ll keep healing as long as everything is still bleeding.

Vanquisher Build

For this build, you’ll want to focus on the Vanquisher skill tree to buff your Golem skill for +40% Damage, +70% on Gravity Leap, and whatever else you want. Earthquake is a natural fit. This one is all about gun damage, so you’ll need to use Armor Mods to improve your survivability.

Using Golem will keep you alive when you’re in danger on Expeditions — this is a very simple, straightforward build, but like all Devastator builds, you’ll need lots of Legendary Gear and Tier 3 mods.

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