Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part 2 – All Collectibles & Secrets Locations | Immora

The final level of the “Ancient Gods Part 2” expansion for Doom Eternal is one hell of a ride. Dropping you into the oldest city of Hell as your allies invade, bringing the fight to the Dark Lord and crushing all of his armies. It might be the most epic level in the game — but don’t let all the demonic chaos let you lose track of the collectibles.

Like all the levels, there are only a few collectibles here. We’re also noting how to find all the secrets to stock up on extra lives and BFG Ammo. The BFG is basically required in this game — and you’ll need every single life for the final battle. The demons are getting tougher, and the Dark Lord waiting for you at the end is truly ridiculous. You’ll want to be well-prepared.

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Immora | All Collectibles Locations

Codex: Near the start of the level, you’ll find this page on the winding path. Almost impossible to miss.

Extra Life: In the area where the tentacles appear, look to the left for an upper passage guarded by more tentacles. There’s a cracked wall that leads to a secret with this life.

Escalation Encounter: Found past the tentacle traps.

  • Rewards: 1st Wave – Sentinel Hammer Upgrade, Stun Duration Increased
  • Rewards: 2nd Wave – Hellforged Suit Cosmetic

Map: Found in the passage right after clearing the Escalation Encounter.

Extra Life x2: After leaving the Escalation Encounter arena, you’ll get a good view of the massive battle in the far distance. Jump onto the raised rocky platform and look left — there’s an optional ledge you can jump to with a tank. The 2-Up is there.

Extra Life: Hidden in the cavern area. There’s a cave you can jump into from the ledge with the two Energy Ammo pick-ups. Double-jump and double-dash to reach it.

Codex: After being launched into the walls of Immora, you’ll find this codex to your left.

Codex: Complete the encounter with the purple buff zombies and the Marauders. After jumping down to the next ledge, look for this codex on the right.

BFG Ammo: Locked behind a door before reaching the interior portal room.

Codex: After using the green button to unlock the doors to the interior of the city, you’ll reach a small portal room. The codex page is there.

BFG Ammo: In the large arena where you first spot the Dark Lord leaving in a cutscene.

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