10 Best RPGs You Can Play On Mobile Devices

For years the way players enjoyed video games on-the-go was through the use of dedicated gaming handhelds. The likes of Nintendo and Sony offered players a way to enjoy some great video game handhelds without having to be tethered to a living room TV. However, that really started to change up with the introduction of smartphones. Players were relying less on dedicated gaming handheld devices for a smartphone alternative. As a result, there’s been a real boom in smartphone marketplaces with a wide variety of unique gaming applications to ports from classic favorites. Ultimately, there are games for just about anyone and for any genre.

Those of you who want to enjoy some RPG games right on your iPhone or Android smartphone alternative can find a massive collection of video games available. Of course, with that said, narrowing down a seemingly endless collection of video games to just a short pick of ten titles is rather impossible. There are no definitive lists as we all have our personal opinions. With that said, here are ten titles that you may find some enjoyment out of. These games are not particular ranked in any order, it’s more or less a means to allow you to know how many titles are in this list. Since there’s so many different RPGs out there and some unique gameplay that developers add into their titles, it’s not easy to rank any game in a specific order for this list. We’ll continue to monitor this list with new picks over time, but for now, here are some RPG video games that you might find yourself sinking some hours into.

#10 Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Series

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition comes up to some sixty-hour adventure where it tosses players into the story of a foster child that was casted out from their home in Candlekeep. Now left to fend for himself, players get swept into this fantasy world on the brink of a massive war along with a sinister dark secret left to uncover. While veteran gamers to the franchise may be delighted to replay this epic once again, the Enhanced Edition brings about new quests to complete, updated visuals, and additional worlds to explore that should give some incentive to really dive deep into the world of Baldur’s Gate all over again.

Additionally, Baldur’s Gate II was originally released in 2000 and for the most part, it plays out very similarly to the original Baldur’s Gate. With this title, players start the game out by being captured by a dark wizard who wishes to strip away your birthright powers. Again, much like the predecessor, Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition brings about new updated visuals along with the previous expansions released for the game.

#9 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the more popular Star Wars titles to ever release. This is an RPG that takes place thousands of years before the first film which means both the Jedi and Sith are great in numbers where our main protagonist is customized to the players liking. Through the epic journey, players are given freedom of how they progress their character with developers even giving options to side with the Jedi or fall into the dark side. While the game was once a powerhouse title for consoles, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has since been ported over to mobile devices and players can enjoy the title on-the-go. Visually, the game may feel a bit dated, but if you haven’t tried this title before then it’s well worth adding onto your smartphone.

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