Wasteland 3: What’s The Point Of The Provost? Illuminati Achievement Guide

There’s a dark conspiracy hidden beneath the surface of the world in Wasteland 3, and by completing this hidden quest you’ll earn a permanent +1 Perception perk. It’s a weird little quest too, with a very weird conclusion — and most of us have probably stumbled into the starting point accidentally.

While exploring the Warrens beneath the Bizarre, you’ll find a strange character called the Provost in a jail cell. If you free him, you’ll need to keep him alive — he just kind of follows you around and mutters latin to himself. It’s pretty strange, so if you’re confused and stuck with the Provost, here’s what you can actually do with him. There are two achievements waiting for you!

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What’s The Deal With The Provost? | Easter Egg Guide

To get the “Illumanati” achievement and access a secret area, you’ll first need to enter the Warrens beneath the Bizarre. Use Mechanic 5 to fix the Generator and activate the computer to turn on the defrost system in the Prison Block. Unlock the door with Lockpicking 7 and you’ll meet the Provost!

This strange character speaks in Latin. Meeting him will unlock the “Quid Agit?!” achievement — but there’s still more to do! To discover his secrets, you need to keep him alive and take him to the Snowed Inn Resort.

Inside the Snowed Inn Resort, you’ll need to repair a toaster (using the Toaster Repair skill) and gain the “Token of Minerva” — a special item. Take the token to the Provost, and you’ll get some very specifically weird dialogue.

With the Provost, travel northeast and find a weird area called the “Heart of the Mountain” — go inside with the Provost to discover a dark conspiracy, and unlock the “Illuminati” achievement.

The Provosts are a strange messianic cult! These high-level creeps chant in a circle and disappear, but leave you with some secret knowledge. The Illuminati is real! You’ll gain a +1 Perception perk for completing this odd Easter egg quest. What was the point of all this?

Don’t worry about it too much. This is a game with Gears of War guns and Golden Toaster companions. Sometimes weird stuff just happens.