Wasteland 3: How To Get An Absurd Amount Of Cash With Antiques Appraiser | Easy Money Farming Guide

Running low on cash in the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland 3? Players have found an ingenious method for generating a limitless supply of cash — and it doesn’t involve glitches or bugs. This is a 100% legit strategy that you can use to earn a ton of money and buy basically anything you want. The odds are low, but with a little patience, you’ll be rolling in cash. No save-scumming required here.

It’s all thanks to a skill called Antiques Appraiser. This weird skill is available once you reach Level 7 in Bartering. The Antiques Appraiser ability gives you a 5% chance of selling junk for x50 regular value. Like we stated, the chances are pretty low, but if you’re constantly selling junk, you’re bound to get a huge payout every so often.

And if you’re not feeling patient, here’s a method to earn that payout a lot faster, and a lot more consistently.

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Earn Infinite Cash Selling Random Junk | Money Farming Trick

To start earning endless cash, you just need to reach Level 7 in Barter. Doing so will give you access to the Antiques Appraiser skill. With this skill, you’ll have a 5% chance to sell junk for x50 its normal value. That’s a 1/20 chance.

To guarantee a huge money bonus, go to a vendor and give all your junk to the character with this skill. Sell the junk — if you don’t get a huge payout, just buy back everything and try again. Repeat until you earn that x50 payout.

With a few lucky rolls, you’ll be swimming in cash. You can get $30,000 payouts — and that money comes in handy later in the game when items start to cost thousands of bucks. Even at Barter 10, you’ll need money!

I recommend selecting one of your party members and making them a dedicated barter / crafter. This one person will barter, upgrade weapons, and generally help support your squad of rangers. It’s a good way to keep your party well-equipped. Even in the post-apocalypse, we still need plenty of cash.