Wasteland 3: Get Permanent Perks & Powerful Buffs With Tarjan Coins | All Toaster Locations

Use your very own Zoltar Machine! Use the Tarjan Machine to grand your wishes.

Wasteland 3 is a huge game that’s just packed with random junk. The post-apocalypse is really one big trash heap, so you’ll get so much trash, it isn’t always clear that certain treasures are actually important. If you’ve found Tarjan Coins, you might not realize that these things are insanely useful — trading them to the right guy can net you permanent stat boost perks or even-more-powerful temporary buffs.

The trick is just finding these coins. There are only four in the world, and they’re always found in random toasters. You’ll need high rank in Toaster Repair to fix these suckers up — a weird quirk of the Wasteland series — and then you can trade them or save them. They’re worth $10 for trade, which sounds like a lot, but these things are really priceless. Here’s how to use them, and where to find them.

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How To Use Tarjan Coins | Permanent Perks & Temporary Buffs

Tarjan Coins are rare items that can be traded for permanent stat buff perks, or more powerful temporary buffs. These coins can enhance your heroes or give you a huge edge for multiple hours of in-game time.

Tarjan Coins can be used at the Tarjan Machine in the Cabinet of Curiosities at the Bizarre.

The machine gives you a random perk / buff — it’s totally random, so save before attempting to use the machine. Each character can only acquire one of the six types of buffs — no two characters can acquire the same buff.

  • Tarjan Boosts:
    • Cunning of Tarjan: Experience Bonus of +25% for 10,800 seconds (3 hours).
    • Eye of Tarjan: Permanent Cold Residence +1% and +2 To Penetration.
    • Fortune Cookie: Permanent +15 Constitution.
    • Lightning Strikes Twice: The next 5 attacks this character makes will have 100% Critical Chance.
    • Magic Fingers: Barter skill increased by +1 for 10,800 seconds (3 hours).
    • Precognition: Permanent +10% Evasion.

Save you game before using the Tarjan Machine, and hope you’ll get the buff you want.

Tarjan Coin Locations

All Tarjan Coins are found inside Toasters. You need either Toaster Repair 3, 4 or 6 to open them.

  • Tarjan Coin #1: In the Toaster in the Ranger HQ Cafeteria. (Toaster Repair 3)
  • Tarjan Coin #2: In the Broadmoor Heights bunker. (Toaster Repair 6)
  • Tarjan Coin #3: Outside the Diner in the Tunnels of the Woundrous. (Toaster Repair 4)
  • Tarjan Coin #4: In the Union Station bunker. (Toaster Repair 6)

There are only four Tarjan Coins, so use these things wisely! Each coin activates the Tarjan Machine only once.

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