Wasteland 3: How To Earn The Secret Best Ending | Team November Guide

Getting the “best” ending in Wasteland 3 requires careful preparation. You’ll have to complete events in a very specific way, but it all leads to the Desert Ranger’s complete takeover of Colorado. No siding with factions here. If you’re sick of both sides of the Colorado conflict, you’re free to go nuts and wipe out everyone — and it works out pretty well for Team November if you play your cards exactly right.

The ‘November Reigns’ ending has a whole lot of very specific requirements. You’ll need to be friendly with the right people, make sure oil is being delivered, side with specific factions, and just go nuts on as many people as possible. This is the best ending for anyone that just wants to become boss of the whole state. You can get rid of that annoying Patriarch, wreck the gangs, and form your own nation-state! Well, it isn’t exactly like that, but it’s pretty close.

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How To Get The ‘November Reigns’ Ending | Secret Third Ending Guide

To take over Colorado with the Desert Rangers, you’ll have to make very specific choices throughout the game. Unlike the other two major endings, this ending requires you to make exact choices — if you’re not careful, you can sabotage this ending early in the campaign.

To unlock the ‘November Reigns’ achievement and take over Colorado, here’s exactly what you need to accomplish.

  • Select Gideon Reyes as your Advisor.
  • Earn a “Loved” Reputation with the Rangers and Hundred Families.
  • Persuade the Gippers to deliver oil to the city.
  • Kill all the Buchanans — Vic doesn’t count if he joins your party.
  • Side with Angela Deth.
  • Choose to stay in Colorado and ‘Spread Havoc’ under your reign.

Complete these steps, and Colorado can be your’s. Some of these decisions have to be made much earlier in the story, while others are only made right in the end-game. Normally, there are two other major endings, making this the third and hardest ending to achieve. It isn’t necessarily the best, but it is the most secret.

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