Wasteland 3 Dev Praises Microsoft Development Support; ‘They Trust Us’

InXile Entertainment’s third instalment in the Wasteland franchise is currently in development, and the studio is enjoying life working under Microsoft’s wing.

Wasteland 3 received an official announcement and gameplay trailers during E3 2019, and looked very impressive to say the least. InXile Entertainment’s founder and game director, Brian Fargo and Tim Campbell respectively, were recently featured in an interview with WCCFTech, where they discussed the constant help and trust provided by Microsoft’s team.

Campbell: I can say on the team level, the development side, we’re ecstatic for the partnership with Microsoft, we are absolutely making the game [Wasteland 3] that we want to make and we’re making it better than we would have been able to by ourselves.

Fargo: Yeah, I think we’re fortunate because Microsoft trusts us. I think that’s always a concern when companies get bought, that’s what they think. There’s a natural sense of ‘There goes the company now’. But really, they’re like, we trust you. I mean, even when I start talking about what we want to do in the future, beyond that, I start describing in detail and they go ‘We trust him’.

Wasteland 3 is scheduled for a 2020 release date for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Most likely, as a direct studio under Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, inXile Entertainment will produce PC and Xbox One exclusives.

[Source: WCCFTech]