Wasteland 3: How To Get The Best Armor In The Game… And A Gold Toaster | Secrets Guide

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One of the weird quirks of the Wasteland series is its unhealthy obsession with toasters. These kitchen devices are all over the place, and only players that choose to level up a special skill called Toaster Repair can access the secret items within. Yes, there’s an entire skill tree devoted solely to repairing toasters. You might think it’s a little weird, but there’s a pay-off for all your toaster searching.

If you manage to find five hidden toaster parts, you can gain a very special companion for your team — a Gold Toaster! It’s a smack-talking shiny toaster robot that helps you out in combat. You don’t have to take him with you, but his special lair gives you access to the best (and weirdest) set of armor in the entire game. Just make sure you don’t sell the valuable rare items inside each of these five toaster chests, or it’ll be impossible to recover this amazing Easter egg armor.

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How To Unlock The Toaster Repair Museum | Secret Location Guide

The best armor in Wasteland 3 is located in the Toaster Repair Museum, a hidden location where you can also acquire a special friend — a Golden Toaster companion!

The Toaster Repair Museum becomes available after finding all five gold toaster parts. This is part of a secret quest — the gold parts are spread throughout Colorado and hidden in specific toasters. You’ll need high Toaster Repair to find them all. You’ll also need to avoid selling the parts.

The Toaster Repair Museum also contains the best armor in the game. The best armor is called the Verchitin Armor — it’s a strange US Army project that’s also seemingly built with an alien exoskeleton. This heavy set of armor gives 71 Armor for the whole set. Nothing else is as good.

To get it, you need to find all five Golden Toaster parts. Here’s where to get them.

Requirements: A max of Toaster Repair 8 to unlock all of the toasters and Lockpick 10 to get the armor.

  • Toaster Part #1: Broadmoor Heights – In the Wesson Family Mansion.
  • Toaster Part #2: Hoon Family Ranch – On a table inside.
  • Toaster Part #3: Tellurium Mine – Unknown.
  • Toaster Part #4: Aspen – In the Visitor’s Lodge.
  • Toaster Part #5: Knox Bison Ranch – On the second floor of the main building.

After finding all five parts, you’ll get a text message pop-up and learn the location of the Toaster Repair Museum. Travel there and unlock one of the doors to find the Verchitin Armor — the door requires Lockpick 10.

  • NOTE: You can also find a Golden Hammer to acquire another unique item. It isn’t required for this chest though. The Golden Hammer is located in the vault of Little Hell in Aspen.

The Golden Toaster, if you choose to let him follow you, loves to say weird stuff while spouting fireballs from its heating element. Going to the museum will also unlock the ‘Toaster Expert‘ achievement.