The Best Hack and Slash Games

Best Hack and Slash Games
best hack and slash games

In hack-and-slash titles, the gameplay is relatively simple, there is one protagonist, a bunch of close combat weapons that tend to do a lot of damage, a few ranged attacks that do little damage, and usually a colorful array of thousands and thousands of enemies to go through until you get to the oversized boss fight. Simple enough.

The genre has been around since the early days of video games and shows no sign of going away, and with good reason—it’s fun as hell and brings to video gaming the visceral feel that gamers often look for when they place their hands on the controller.

#20 Hades

Hades is an upcoming hack-and-slash action RPG that follows a unique narrative. In this game, players take the role of Zagreus, who is the son of Hades. After feeling that his father doesn’t care for him, Zagreus, decides to venture out from the Underworld and reach Mount Olympus. During his journey, Olympians will deliver you gifts in hopes that you reach the top of the mountain. This is a roguelike game as well and so far the reception has been really positive. Of course, it’s worth stating that this is an early access game right now. Supergiant Games is hoping to push the title out of Early Access for players to enjoy fully sometime this year.

#19 Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a rather older title on our list. This 2D arcade adventure can give friends countless hours of hack-and-slash gaming fun as players defend their kingdom and save the princess. Originally released back in 2008 for the Xbox 360, the game can also be found on the PC platform. Gather your friends for an incredible medieval co-op video game that has so far continued to impress gamers a whole console generation after it was first released. To make some comparisons, the gameplay plays a bit similarly to the latest indie hit, Cuphead as players will be facing against a series of bosses with a slight emphasis on timing out attacks and remembering enemy movements.

#18 Nioh 2

Nioh 2 is set to be a prequel. Just as before, this is an action RPG title that players follow a rogue mercenary that has been tasked in tracking down the Yokai in the Mino Province. However, you’re not a full-blooded human, but instead, a being that has mixed Yoaki blood making the protagonist part of the demon monster. It’s during a battle that you lose yourself within the Yokai blood. Fortunately, a merchant saves you by providing a Spirit Stone which is an artifact that has magic in which our protagonist can communicate and control the demonic persona. With the new knowledge of the Spirit Stones, players are set on a new path to discover other Spirit Stones and keep them away from those that would seek out its power.

This is also a pretty hefty game with just the main storyline taking players about nearly 45 hours to complete. If you want to go for everything offered, you’re looking at a hundred hours logged into Nioh 2. Furthermore, this game is not for the faint of heart. Even though this is an action RPG with plenty of hack-and-slash goodness, the combat can be tough and players would benefit from having played the original game.

#17 Bayonetta Series

Platinum Games have a knack for designing challenging yet delightfully silly titles like this one. The story about a time traveling super witch is largely forgettable, what matters is the super tight gameplay and the splendid presentation. Bayonetta is a ridiculously pretty game that bursts with style. But most importantly, the game mechanics fit as tightly as the eponymous witches leotard. Taking apart angels and demons and deities and other creatures takes a lot of skill, but once that’s mastered you’re going to have endless fun.

#16 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Another much maligned title. Lords of Shadow was slated to be an independent release by Spanish developer Mercury Steam. It eventually was shoehorned into the Castlevania saga when it was picked up by Konami and put under the wing of none other than Hideo Kojima. The production quality is superb, the art style reminiscent of a Guillermo del Toro. On the gameplay side, things could be a bit tighter, especially the camera, but after a few hours things fall into place, all crucial powers are unlocked, and things just flow nicely in this worthy addition to the Castlevania series.