10 Game Stories That Go Completely Off The Rails

“It’s all a misunderstanding!” [Killer7]

Killer7 is a game that’s never normal. You’re thrown for a loop basically every level in the game, but the ending is so off-the-wall bizarre, slapping you with sudden tonal whiplash, that I was completely unprepared for what I was seeing.

In Killer7, you play as a gang of assassins that fight exploding (and invisible) mutant terrorists called Heaven’s Smiles. For most of the game, you’re travelling around, hunting monsters and defeating the weirdos that may (or may not) be responsible for the outbreak.

Everything falls apart in the ending. Instead of hunting more targets assigned to you, team wrangler Garcian Smith explores a hotel — a hotel where it turns out he killed all the other members of the Smith Syndicate. All those characters you were playing? They’re all dead, and Garcian somehow has the power to manifest them!

That’s really weird. And we’re not even talking about exploring the basement of your home, where you discover the main villain of the game cowering in a gimp suit. Then we skip 100 years into the future. There’s a lot to take in.

Not The Game You Thought It Was [Frog Fractions]

Frog Fractions is a deceptive game. Designed to look like a educational game for teaching grade-school math, Frog Fractions became a minor phenomenon thanks to an evolving, unexpected story that takes your amphibious hero to underwater, to Bug Mars, and finally to the White House. It’s a deeply silly joke game that plays with our expectations.

And then the sequel pulled off this trick so well, nobody was able to discover it. Frog Fractions 2 was hidden in another, completely different game called Glittermitten Cove. The game was actually released for weeks before being discovered, and the sequel is even more bizarre — with different layers of games, text adventure segments, and more weird stuff. Imagine playing one of these games with no clue there’s more than meets the eye.

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