10 Game Stories That Go Completely Off The Rails

Fighting Against Fate – Literally [Final Fantasy VII Remake]

This is the most recent game on our list, so if you want to look away to avoid spoilers, I suggest doing that now. From this point on, there are massive FF7R spoilers below.

The trick of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is that it isn’t a true remake — its actually a sequel. When your party arrives to infiltrate Shinra Tower, you’ll continue to battle a strange force that’s desperate to keep destiny in check. Why? What is happening? Barret actually dies! But then he’s revived! What the heck is going on!

As it turns out, Aerith is trying to change fate and defeat Sephiroth. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a literal sequel, and Aerith is attempting to change history through her connection to the lifestream. After defeating a giant embodiment of fate, the game ends with a realization that anything is possible. Future Final Fantasy 7 Remakes might be very, very different.

Flying Into The Real World [Little King Story]

Little King Story is an offbeat game about a Little King making his way in a fairy-tale kingdom. Leading a Pikmin-like army, you explore your storybook land and gain allies to make your kingdom even better. That all changes in the utterly bizarre ending area of the game — after acquiring a spaceship, you’ll rocket out of the fairy tale and land somewhere more familiar.

The scribble-like drawing of the King and his companions literally arrive in a young boy’s room, where they’re about as small as a tiny drawing in a notebook. You’ll navigate the real-world and do battle with a nefarious rat to complete the game. Like, a real rat. This is a weird game.

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