The Best PSVR Video Games To Play In 2020

#4 Astro Bot Rescue Mission

After being more or less a tech demo on the PlayStation 4 called The Playroom, these robotic android characters received its own standalone title. Known as Astro Bot Rescue Mission, players who own the virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 will definitely want to include this title in your collection. Within the game, players will be aiding the rescue of over 200 bots. While most VR video game titles focus on a first-person view perspective, Astro Bot retains the standard third-person platforming, similar to Super Mario 64. Players not only take control of a robot protagonist named Astro but using the VR headset you’ll be able to interact with the world by dodging enemy attacks or using headbutts to knock down walls.

#3 Job Simulator

In Job Simulator players take on the role of a human in a robot-driven world. The game offers a variety of everyday jobs to take on such as a standard office job to a car mechanic or even a convenient store clerk. Regardless of the job, players will have to do various tasks while interacting with objects and sets. It’s a fun game for all ages and one of the best early game pickups you’ll want to cross off when you first purchase a PlayStation VR system.

This game was such a hit that the limited print run for the physical copy skyrocketed in value. Really, unless you want to pay quite a bit of money for a game, you will need to purchase Job Simulator digitally. As mundane as working in a VR game it’s really an addicting experience. There was even a spin-off that released not long after called Vacation Simulator. It’s more or less the same concept but rather than working, you have access to partake in a wide variety of vacation resorts.

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