The Best PSVR Video Games To Play In 2020

Virtual Reality really has taken off these past few years and while not every console platform offers a VR headset, Sony was quick to bring out the PlayStation VR. First released in 2016, the VR headset offers players the ability to dive into different worlds without needing a powerful gaming PC. With the PSVR headset being available on the PlayStation 4, all players would need outside of the headset is a PlayStation Camera, and to really make use of the games, two PlayStation Move controllers.

We’re also going to see the PlayStation VR headset make a return in a big way for the PlayStation 5 as well. While the VR may not have too many new video games flooding into the market, we may see that change on the next-generation platform. With that said, if you’re just getting into the PlayStation VR then we have some great video game titles well worth investing in. We’ve compiled ten of our picks for VR titles worth playing in 2020 for the PlayStation VR.

While these games are numbered, don’t consider these ranked in any particular order. We’ve tried to compile a list that is diverse in different game genres. Furthermore, we’ve attempted to bring out some games that are suitable for different ages. Without further ado, check out some of the best games on the PlayStation VR worth playing in 2020.

#10 Superhot VR

Superhot was a hit after indie developers first introduced the game as an entry to the 2013 7 Day FPS Challenge. The developers crafted a title in which players take control of a protagonist that must take down a slew of red glowing humanoids. However, the big catch to this title is that time only moves when you do. As a result, players can carefully and slowly move around the level in order to avoid being hit by bullets or other projectile objects. This simple concept grew from a small entry project for a competition to a full video game release on multiple platforms.

While originally the game released for platforms as a traditional FPS title, it eventually was crafted into a VR title as well. It’s essentially just like the original installment, but with the added benefit of feeling like you’re right in the middle of the action. Players can punch, grab, throw objects, or fire weapons but the faster you move the faster time flows. If you enjoy FPS type games but don’t want to dive into a title that will force you into working with other players online, then this is a great alternative well worth investing in.

#9 Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil has been an immensely popular video game franchise and one of the iconic survival horror video games for the genre. For several years we’ve seen Capcom bring out new installments to the mainline series along with spin-off games that alters the overall game mechanics. However, with Resident Evil 7 we saw a pretty drastic turn for the core games lineup. This time around we were given the role of a brand new character not involved with any of military background or a part of a major corporation. In this game, players take the role of Ethan a man who is simply searching for his missing wife.

His investigations eventually lead him to an old plantation in Louisiana which is home to the oddity Baker family. Now trapped by a family out of their mind and with some supernatural effect being played on them, Ethan is forced to not only seek out his wife in this large home but escape the clutches of his captors as well. This game was put in a first-person perspective, but to put players in a bit more immersion, Capcom also delivered a VR support on the PlayStation VR headset. Using the new RE Engine, the game not only looked far more detailed than previous Resident Evil installments but made it incredibly realistic for those that are brave enough to put the VR headset on.

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