The Best PSVR Video Games To Play In 2020

#8 Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour is another FPS on this list but this particular game is aimed at those that wouldn’t mind enjoying a shooter that has a focus around multiplayer. In this game, players take the role of a contractor that is assigned different targets by agents. In order for players to eliminate the contract target, they will need to work with a team of four players. Each player has a unique skill set that can further help your teammates during the various contract missions.

It’s a typical tactical shooter that has gained quite a big audience on the PlayStation VR. While the contract-based system is aimed for players working together online, there is an offline game mode for players to also enjoy. This is a training session that players can solo and face against different AI bots. Of course, with that said, this game mode will also be available for those that wish to enjoy the game with a team of four as well.

#7 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Supermassive Games delivered a well-received horror narrative gameplay experience with Until Dawn on the PlayStation 4. Keeping up with the franchise, the development studio went back and gave fans another look into the Until Dawn universe, this time through the PlayStation VR. The video game we’re referring to is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. This is a spin-off game that doesn’t focus around making different choices that will reflect the narrative gameplay. Instead, players are tossed into a rail shooter.

Set in a horror carnival amusement park, players are put into a roller coaster cart that navigates around different scenes. Equipped with handguns, players are forced to look around the cart and fire at any hostile creatures that may pop out. It’s a short little game, but for fans that enjoyed Until Dawn or want another horror experience without having too many moving parts when it comes to the actual gameplay mechanics, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is worth checking out.

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