The Best PSVR Video Games To Play In 2020

#2 Star Trek: Bridge Crew

In Star Trek: Bridge Crew, players are put into the command of the starship where your actions and decisions will determine the fate of your ship along with the crew. In this simulator, developers Red Storm Entertainment attempts to fully immerse players through VR, making your party of friends and decision even harder as you explore the vast openness of space. Those that ever wanted to take command of a spacecraft and live out a fantasy of being part of the Star Trek crew likely have already enjoyed this game.

This is an action-adventure type of game where you will have a variety of roles that can be taken control of. Still, you need an entire crew readily available to help complete missions. As a result, playing this game with others online may be ideal, but it’s not impossible to enjoy the game solo. You will have to swap to different crew roles on the fly, but the development studio made it a possibility for players to take advantage of it.

#1 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a hilariously fun party game that you can enjoy with a group. While Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is available for PC, the game can really take off in a big way using the VR headset. Within this title, one player will have control of a bomb and must seek help from their teammates to decipher codes. Using your team to go over different clues and puzzles to solve the codes, it’s quite literally a race against the clock. Staying calm and giving your team of code crackers everything they need to stop the bomb from exploding is key.

Those that get too anxious may find themselves quickly running the clock down and killing everyone. If you decipher all the codes and finish the puzzles all while being under the time limit, the bomb will be defused. Nothing like getting a group together and playing around with bombs. Virtually of course.